CRAFLUX | Taipei Illusion《台北幻視》Part.01
CRAFLUX is a design-driven motion studio. We love doing creative things, pursuing unique and original art perspectives, help your brand connect to people.
Motion Graphics, Animation, Video making, Brand video, Brand Ident, 3D animation, Design Studio, Taipei, 台北,動畫,影片製作,動態圖像,3D,2D
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Taipei Illusion《台北幻視》Part.01

Experimental Motion

Taipei Illusion《台北幻視》Part.01

An experimental film by CRAFLUX. We used live action footage juxtaposed with 3D animation to exhibit a different perspective of Taipei. We want to tell a story through motion instead of words.
Using free time between commercial projects to produce this passion project, we hope the next sequel will be released in the near future.
CRAFLUX 嘗試運用影像結合動畫的手法, 想要用有別以往的傳統記錄片型式, 來呈現對台北這個城市的不同觀點.
目前為Part01, 從大約幾年前開始利用商業專案與專案間的空檔時間慢慢發想和製作的, 希望之後能繼續創作接下來的幾個短篇.



Creative Director / Designer: Skazami

Production Company: CRAFLUX

On Set Art Assistant: Zayit Sun

Music / Sound Design: Iris Chen

Special Thanks To:

Astrid Wang

Wang Jin

Nicholas Lai