CRAFLUX is a design-driven motion studio. We love doing creative things, pursuing unique and original art perspectives, help your brand connect to people.
Motion Graphics, Animation, Video making, Brand video, Brand Ident, 3D animation, Design Studio, Taipei, 台北,動畫,影片製作,動態圖像,3D,2D
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Main title Design / VFX Short Reel

Main Title Design / VFX For Director 王小棣

Honor for Craflux to work with director Wang, Shaudi (王小棣) for a short film ELEPHANT APARTMENT 《大象》Here is a very short version reel for it.I am resposible for vfx supervisor / title design / compositing (scene 3). Thanks for Director Wang, Shaudi and the team.
Production for Ricefilm.

Music from –  Elaina’s theme by Tom Player

Main Title Design Still

Behind The Scene


Client: RICEFILM 稻田電影 / 王小棣 導演

Production Company: Craflux

Main Title Design / VFX Supervisor : Skazami

Our Role: Main Title Design / Visual Effect Supervising / Vfx Production (Scene 3 )