CRAFLUX | 1028 Luminous High Cover Foundation -《持久著迷無瑕光粉底》
CRAFLUX is a design-driven motion studio. We love doing creative things, pursuing unique and original art perspectives, help your brand connect to people.
Motion Graphics, Animation, Video making, Brand video, Brand Ident, 3D animation, Design Studio, Taipei, 台北,動畫,影片製作,動態圖像,3D,2D
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1028 Luminous High Cover Foundation -《持久著迷無瑕光粉底》

Product Promotion Video

1028 Luminous High Cover Foundation -《持久著迷無瑕光粉底》

A glossy and flawless treatment created by CRAFLUX for 1028’s Luminous High Cover Foundation. Combined with blooming-like motions, the visuals are reminiscence of the 24-hour long crystal skin tone the 1028 has to offer.

CRAFLUX為1028持久著迷無瑕光粉底,創造光澤感與清徹無暇的感覺,配合華麗的綻放感, 呈現24小時持久肌透零粉感



Client: 1028

Directed: CRAFLUX

Creatives: Angela Lin, Stanley Hsu, Skazami

Creative Director / Designer: Skazami


Production Company: CRAFLUX


V.O: 歐陽年年

Recording Studio: 大河錄音室

Recording Engineer / Music Mix & Editing / Sound Effect : Amy Chao

Music / Sound Design (Demo Version) : Iris Chen