CRAFLUX | Facebook(Meta) Special Project For Senka – “Playmore”
CRAFLUX is a design-driven motion studio. We love doing creative things, pursuing unique and original art perspectives, help your brand connect to people.
Motion Graphics, Animation, Video making, Brand video, Brand Ident, 3D animation, Design Studio, Taipei, 台北,動畫,影片製作,動態圖像,3D,2D
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Facebook(Meta) Special Project For Senka – “Playmore”

Instagram Content Production

Craflux is excited to be invited into the “Playmore” project by Facebook(Meta), and having this wonderful chance to cooperate on Instagram special project with Senka and Facebook(Meta) team will be quite a journey for us.

Our goal is to demonstrate the uniqueness of Instagram through motion graphic and content. We will specialize these individual style and characteristics on each different senka’s cosmetics product, in order to create fun and vivid design for viewers and ideal customer.

Thanks to the Facebook(Meta) team, Senka, and art director Emilie Wang.

Craflux很高興此次能收到Facebook(Meta)的”Playmore”專案邀請, 參加Facebook(Meta)與專科合作的Instagram特別專案.我們的目標是在動態影像與內容上展現Instagram的媒體特性,並針對專科優秀的美妝產品,依據不同的需求面,做出個別內容與風格的有趣設計. 感謝Facebook(Meta)團隊,Senka 專科,以及美術總監Emilie Wang.


A paper craft & miniature based concept style , then designing motion for each post of Senka’s product.
以”剪紙藝術” 及 “微縮模型”的概念來發展, 並配合每個產品的不同面向來設計畫面的動態.

Concept Design & Styleframes

Animation (Gif preview small file size, less quality)

Posts on Instagram


Client: Facebook(Meta)

Brand: Senka 專科

Creatives: Edward, Steph, Steven, Emilie Wang, Skazami

Directed / Production Company: : CRAFLUX

Lead Art Director / Designer / DOP : Emilie Wang

Additional Designer : Skazami

Animation / Editing : Skazami , Nickolas Lai, Scott


Showreel music edit from MPC Beats – R&B demo